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Professional Masonry Color Matching
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Welcome to PBS Nationwide

PBSNationwide's innovative brick staining technology provides a permanent color matching solution for mismatched or discolored brick, block, precast and mortar.

Our Chem-Bond 2000 Brick Stain is used to solve dye lot issues by tinting or by completely changing the color of any masonry surface. Other uses for Chem Bond 2000 stain are to correct masonry repairs, graffiti removal, historic restoration projects,fire and smoke damage repair, retaining wall and hardscape coloration issues, and more.

PBS Nationwide is a brick staining company unlike any other. With innovative tools and a dedicated owner and crew, we have built a reputation of unsurpassed accuracy and true craftsmanship nationwide. Through experience gained from working hard for other businesses, and a passion for perfection, our company began on its own to create a successful enterprise that focuses solely on the customer and on the quality of our work. Our services cover a variety of needs from brick stain to masonry paint jobs as well as mortar staining and brick tinting. We are expert consultants, with knowledge of the business so in-depth that we are able to advise clients on all aspects of their individual projects.

Our color match masonry is second to none. All of our color specialists are trained for a minimum of 3 years, extensively, before handling their own brick staining project. We are committed to providing the most accurate results possible on every brick paint and mortar stain match. We can create a uniform appearance by staining brick with high and low range colors that perfectly align with your current materials, new or old. By doing this, we can also tie the brick wall painting into the accent colors of your home or building. We take our projects beyond typical masonry paint jobs to provide an outcome to wow every client.

Aside from interior and exterior brick paint and mortar tinting and staining, we offer restoration services to existing brick, mortar, precast, and more. We can also clean and restore brick that has been damaged due to graffiti, dirt, or even the appearance of iron deposits. No project is too big or too small. We handle both residential and commercial properties with the highest level of service and satisfaction. Contact Joe Holehouse, President and Owner, to begin your project today! 1-443-617-5244.

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Caring for Materials that Outlast Centuries: Brick Staining Basics

Brick walls are among the longest standing construction materials ever designed, so much so that a lot of history’s most prominent structures have survived because of the material that holds them. However, bricks, as with even the most durable of materials, aren’t so much about “leaving them be” as it is about the regular care and maintenance due to any material, including bricks and the structures they hold in place. Here are some maintenance tips about a brick staining method that can render your brick walls looking as good as new. How to stain brick walls Cleaning Begin the staining process by washing down your exposed brick wall, saturating as much of it as possible. While the wall is still wet, scrub an efficient cleaning solution on it (simple vinegar should do the trick if you don’t have commercial brick cleaner) with a firm-bristled brush. Then, allow it to dry before staining. Choosing Stains In most cases, staining your wall is the more efficient option than painting, as it is less invasive and allows for a more natural look. When choosing the stain however, you should decide on what you need; a semi-transparent stain, for instance, should keep the original luster and color of your brick wall. Safety According to SF Gate, you should consider your safety gear before jumping straight into staining: “Put on a pair of safety goggles, rubber gloves and a respirator before getting to work. You may also want to wear some old work clothes and cover the mortar surrounding your bricks with painter’s tape to avoid any accidental spotting outside the bricks themselves. Place plastic sheets or tarps along the bottom of the wall.” Staining Proper Now you can finally begin – begin by applying the stain gently with the use of a paintbrush that’s about the same width as a single brick. Keep from applying the stain too thick; it might eventually change the brick’s color. Let the first coat dry completely before adding another. Of course, you can always hire dependable brick staining companies like PBS Nationwide, Inc. to do the job for you. These professional contractors offer a lot more services for your home—painting or dyeing brick, and restoring historical homes, among others. (Article Excerpt and Image from How to Stain Brick Walls,SF Gate) About Joe Holehouse Joe Holehouse has written 2 post in this blog. View all posts by Joe Holehouse → BlogGoogle+ Trackback from your site. Leave a comment Name * E-mail * Website Submit Comment Contact Info Joe Holehouse President/Owner 443-617-5244 443-922-9240 fax info@pbsnationwide.com Copyright © 2015 Preferred Brick Staining Nationwide Sitemap Follow us on Google Plus Continue Reading No Comments

Staining Your Exterior Brick Wall and Other Important Maintenance Tips

There’s a reason why cathedrals, palaces, and even The Great Wall of China were all built using bricks—it’s one of the toughest construction materials known to man. What’s more, brick walls also provide protection against extreme weather, immunity to termites, impressive thermal performance and fire resistance. That being said, a brick wall still needs occasional maintenance to ward off wear and tear, as well as to preserve its beauty. Home improvement blogger Bob Vila details one upkeep that will keep such walls functioning at their best: “Repointing Repointing is necessary in places where the mortar joints have become soft or the mortar itself is cracked or damaged. The damaged mortar is removed carefully so as not to disturb the surrounding brickwork. Fresh mortar is applied in layers. When repointing, the depth of the new mortar should be twice the width of the mortar joint. Mortar applied directly to the damaged surface will not hold up.” Besides repointing, here are other maintenance tips to heed when taking care of your brick walls: Brick basics: Maintenance, Care and cleaning Trim Vegetation While an ivy-covered wall has a quaint charm to it, vegetation traps moisture that can compromise a brick wall’s integrity, aside from producing humic acid that can eat away at the mortar. Dig up the ivy’s root, cut them off, and allow the vine to wilt off your wall. Use Proper Cleaning Technique Different stains need different cleaning solutions. Mortar stains can be cleaned using a solution of one part muriatic acid and three parts water. On the other hand, algae, mildew and mold call for a solution of equal parts chlorine bleach and water. If you plan to use a power washer, set the pressure no higher than 1000 PSI and keep the nozzle at least 300mm away from the wall. Keep Your Wall Beautiful Brick walls add a unique aesthetic appeal to homes but time can tarnish that beauty. Fortunately, companies like Preferred Brick Staining Nationwide offer a proprietary exterior brick stain called Chem-Bond 2000 that bonds with the brick and becomes a permanent part of it, while protecting it against atmospheric sulfuric acid. Your brick walls protect your family from the elements so take the time to maintain them. Controlling vegetation, using proper cleaning technique, and staining exterior brick walls are all steps you can take to protect it and prolong its life. (Article Excerpt and Image from Brick Basics: Maintenance, Care, and Cleaning, BobVila.com) About Joe Holehouse Joe Holehouse has written 2 post in this blog. Trackback from your site. Leave a comment Name * E-mail * Website Submit Comment Contact Info Joe Holehouse President/Owner 443-617-5244 443-922-9240 fax info@pbsnationwide.com Copyright © 2015 Preferred Brick Staining Nationwide Sitemap Follow us on Google Plus Continue Reading No Comments

Professional Masonry

Color Matching

With the best warranty in the industry, PBSNationwide services Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Delaware, New Jersey and of course, Nationwide.

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Preferred Brick Staining Nationwide’s Commitment

When you trust us with your project, we assure you that we will only send a well trained color match expert to do your job. Our color specialists are trained a minimum of 3 years before being allowed to manage a brick staining project. We know it has to be perfect and that is what our customers have come to expect.

Our high standards allow us to provide you with the best warranty in the industry, 40 years!


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