What does the stain consist of?

This might be the most important question a prospective customer could ask. The answer many times will determine which company the customer will choose to use. All stains are not the same. Most consist of a solvent, a binder, pigments, and additives. Of the 4 elements, the binder is the most important because it is responsible for the stain lasting 5 years or 50 years. Most staining companies use acrylic binders only. PBSNationwide uses a hybrid binder which combines the flexability of an acrylic with the durability of mineral silicates. The second most important element is the pigment. If the wrong pigment is used (a synthetic for example), the stain will fail due to UV bleaching. PBSNationwide uses only inorganic mineral pigments which allows for the pigments to join in the chemical bonding of the binder and the masonry. With this chemical reaction taking place below the surface between the binder, the pigments and the masonry, the stain becomes as permanent as the masonry itself.

How is the stain applied?

Depending on the surface and the size of the job, the stain is usually brushed on one brick at a time or sprayed. In the case of spraying, sometimes the mortar is stained another color with a brush. Often the different in texture and color of the mortar allows for enough variation that a second application (staining the mortar) is not needed.

How long will it last?

PBSNationwide is able to provide a 40 year warrantee because of the hybrid binder and expert application. Using a weaker binder applied by an inexperienced worker would not allow for such a warrantee.

How does PBSN stain differ from paint?

When paint is applied to a masonry product no chemical bonding takes place. Paint adheres to the top surface of the masonry and does not allow the surface to breathe. Consequently, it is only a matter of time before it peals off. Paint is a temporary solution which changes the texture of the painted surface. Stain is permanent, does not change the texture of the brick and has no maintenance issues associated with it.

Is it expensive?

Not in comparison to the costs associated with the alternatives to staining. Many factors play a role in determining price. The process of staining is usually very labor intensive, one brick at a time. Distance, accessability to the area that needs to be stained, and the complexity of the application are other factors that effect price. Because of these many factors, it is hard to give an average estimated cost based on square footage alone. Call our office for a free estimate.

How far will you travel to do a job?

PBSNationwide carries the name Nationwide for a reason. We are a national company and will travel throughout the United States.

Is your product environmentally safe?

Yes. Most of the products are water soluble and biodegradable, they clean up with water. Certain types of masonry sealers need to handled carefully, but the Chem-Bond 2000 stain is environmentally safe while being applied and after it has bonded to the masonry. PBSNationwide color specialists will remove unused product from the job site and dispose of properly.

Why should we use Preferred Brick Staining Nationwide?

Currently, the brick staining industry is unregulated. A guy could be selling cars one day and staining your house the next. A little bit of knowledge is dangerous in this business. We have gone behind brick staining companies cleaning up their messes. Although they give a 25 year warrantee, they are no longer around when a job fails. The most important factors involved in choosing a company is the quality of the products they use, the experience of the workers used in application, and the level of honesty that a company operates within. Many companies believe in honesty up to the point that it costs them, then it is discarded. When you contract with PBSNationwide,you are assured of 3 things: the best products, expert application (we do not consider a worker trained until he has been under the tutelage of an qualified color specialist for at least 3 years), and the best warrantee in the industry. PBSN will never misrepresent themselves in the products they use, their process and the expected results. Don’t take chances when there is so much at risk, go with those who have the most experience and are trustworthy. Caution should also be taken when looking at prior work that a company has produced, In some cases, the person who was responsible for building the reputation of the company is no longer working for the company. Ask lots of questions and verify that what you are being told is true. Get multiple estimates, require that a sample be done prior to committing to a company to be sure that they can do what they say they can, then make your decision based on these comparisons.

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