For some in the brick staining industry, the comment “Well, it looks better than it did!” is good enough. For those of us at Preferred Brick Staining Nationwide, a comment like that would mean we failed. That will never be an acceptable response. We have kind of gotten used to seeing the faces of homeowners, and contractors alike, who are thrilled at the artistry that we are able to produce. We hear comments like, “We cannot thank you enough for turning our house back into a home”, or, “Your brick staining technology and artistry really created a seamless addition for us”.

Preferred Brick Staining Nationwide provides the following Services:

Correction of dye lot variation
PBS Nationwide perfectly matches any coloration problem caused by brick or block dye lot variations. When bricks come from different dye lots they often do not match. Often a contractor will call us after the brick has been laid to correct these color variations. Fortunately, we are able to match the new brick so that the homeowner is totally satisfied with their new home.
With extensive experience in staining bricks of all kinds, our skilled color experts can add variety to uniformly colored brick. By adding some high and low range colors, we are able to create a more dramatic look to the brick as well as tie into the accent colors of the rest of the house.
If a more conservative look is required, we can tone down a bright colored accent brick and darken the mortar to more subtle complementary colors. The great news is the color changes are as permanent as the brick and mortar themselves!
Correction of Masonry Repairs PBSN can perfectly correct any masonry repairs; usually giving the appearance that no repair work was done.

Historical Restoration

The aging of brick is often requested by Historical Preservation groups and we have been successful in meeting their strict standards.
Often we are asked to make a custom brick that no longer exists but is needed to match the existing brick building.
We can make new brick look old and old brick look new by staining exterior brick.

Decorative Accents PBSN can stain

an entire building
an addition
or add decorative accents
…to both residential homes or commercial properties.
Accent bricks can be stained to add character and warmth to an otherwise plain looking brick.

No job is too big or too small.

Adding decorative accents help revitalize older buildings.

Color and Rebuild Mortar Joints

PBSN specializes in correcting mortar problems with a variety of products. Depending on the magnitude of the damage, PBSN will prescribe the correct mortar repair solution. Just by changing the color of the mortar can dramatically changes the appearance of a building.

Repair and Stain of Precast

PBSN have been very successful in solving color issues in precast block, causing any variation to disappear. In the case of serious acid burns, we skillfully rebuild the surface of the precast before we stain it.

Graffiti Removal and Restoration

PBSN has the total solution for any graffiti problem. Not only are we able to remove the graffiti but we do not leave any “graffiti ghosts“ behind. Once the graffiti is carefully removed, the property is color matched back to its original state.

Iron Deposit Removal

Iron deposits are no problem when they suddenly appear and stain the newly laid block. PBSN has developed a fool proof method to drill out the iron deposits, which may lie deep in the block, and fill with a hybrid latex/ cement filler. The results are a perfectly seamless solution with no sign of correction and no possibility of the iron reappearing at a later time.

Specialty Brick and Block

PBSN has developed products and methods to staining bricks and most masonry surfaces, even surfaces that many staining companies would not attempt. These specialty brick and block include the glazed surfaces and the metallic surfaces. These applications require additional steps and specialized stains but the end product is well worth the effort!

Waterproofing, Concrete Sealing

Once we properly prepare the surface, then seal with a trained worker, we are able to preserve, prolong, and protect your most valuable assets.

Power Washing

Using proprietary cleaning solutions and proper cleaning methods, our trained color experts are able to remove most any form of undesirable dirt or stain. If an over aggressive process is required and the surface is affected, staining will return it to its original color. The mineral silicates in the stain will rebuild the enamel of the brick to protect it from moisture penetration.

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With the best warranty in the industry, PBSNationwide services Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Delaware, New Jersey and of course, Nationwide.

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Preferred Brick Staining Nationwide’s Commitment

When you trust us with your project, we assure you that we will only send a well trained color match expert to do your job. Our color specialists are trained a minimum of 3 years before being allowed to manage a brick staining project. We know it has to be perfect and that is what our customers have come to expect.

Our high standards allow us to provide you with the best warranty in the industry, 40 years!


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